Apple drops price for Watch Series 3 after launch of Watch 4

Apple is dropping the price of its Watch Series 3. The smartwatch now starts at $279 for the GPS model, the company announced at its product event in Cupertino, California, on Wednesday. Customers can get the smartwatch at the new price after the event. It previously started at $329 on Apple’s site. Apple also launched the Watch Series


The Apple Watch 4’s screen will feel way less cramped, according to new leak

On Wednesday, Sept. 12, the world is expecting Apple to announce a new set of iPhones, and a new Apple Watch as well. But you don’t necessarily need to wait. Last Thursday, 9to5Mac brought us what could be our very first look at that Apple Watch Series 4, complete with a notably larger display. How


Magic Leap One AR headset is out now for $2,295, but not everywhere

Floating holograms. Space-age goggles. The Magic Leap One, the mysterious augmented reality headset, has been promised for so many years, it’s started to seem as unreal as the worlds it supposedly creates.  We’re here to tell you: Magic Leap is a real thing. Its debut headset is now available to buy, but at $2,295 with

Sandberg and Dorsey being sworn in

Facebook and Twitter in DC: What the congressional hearings looked like up close

You know that feeling when something is important to you but other people just don’t care? That’s how some congressional lawmakers felt this week after Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and, notably, no one from Google testified for a combined eight hours before two committees. The hearings were kind of important, given

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg arrives to testify before a joint hearing of the Commerce and Judiciary Committees on Capitol Hill in Washington about the use of Facebook data to target American voters in the 2016 election. Picture: Andrew Harnik

Facebook has secret trust ratings but it won’t tell you your score

Facebook scores users based on how ‘trustworthy’ they are. Picture: Tobias SchwarzSource:AFP FACEBOOK is rating users based on how “trustworthy” it thinks they are. Users receive a score on a scale from zero to one that determines if they have a good or bad reputation — but it’s completely hidden. The rating system was revealed


Oculus Quest will give life to an emotionally intelligent pink alien fuzzball

  Last week, I befriended a fuzzy pink alien that my robot sidekick and I nicknamed Pork Bun. We played fetch around a bonfire and munched on virtual marshmallows. Pork Bun was so charming that, when I had to choose between protecting Pork Bun or saving the human race from extinction, I tacitly left planet


GoFundMe returns $403,000 to donors in NJ scam

GoFundMe has returned $403,000 to 14,000 people who believed they were helping a homeless veteran. The crowdfunding site said Monday that all donations have now been refunded, as have processing and administration fees, according to CBS News. A New Jersey couple, Katelyn McClure and Mark D’Amico, started a fundraising campaign on the site in November

The original scene from Love Actually. Source: Love Actually

AFP charms with hilarious Love Actually spoof

Australia’s federal police force has gotten into the Christmas spirit with a hilarious Love Actually spoof that’s charming thousands of Aussies online. Ripping off the famous scene from the 2003 movie, it begins with an AFP officer knocking on a woman’s door with a bunch of signs. Only instead of ‘Say it’s carol singers’, the

Huawei has come under increased pressure from Western governments in recent years. Picture: Andy Wong

Charges laid against tech giant Huawei

The US Justice Department has charged Chinese tech giant Huawei, two of its subsidiaries and a top executive, who are accused of misleading banks about the company’s business and violating US sanctions. The company is also charged in a separate case with stealing trade secrets from US telecom T-Mobile, according to federal prosecutors. Prosecutors are